Ayrshire Growth Deal

Jamie Greene MSP statement on today’s announcement from the Prime Minister that talks are now open over the Ayrshire Growth Deal

“This is extremely welcome news from the Prime Minister today that talks are now open over the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

“The Ayrshire Growth deal will provide a welcome boost to the local economy, create jobs and help make Ayrshire a more attractive place for future investment. This funding was made available through cooperative discussions between the UK Government and Scottish Conservative MSPs and MPs, who have spent months tirelessly putting the case forward to ministers in London and Edinburgh.

“This is a prime example of how cooperating and working with our colleagues south of the border is more beneficial than the SNP’s approach of conflict and grievance.

“The UK Government has already invested over £1 billion in Scotland through city and region deals which have helped drive growth in the Scottish economy.

“I look forward to seeing Ayrshire benefit from this significant investment.”