Boost Local Economy and Scrap APD says Tory MSP

Local MSP Jamie Greene has stated his support for the Scottish Conservatives’ proposals to scrap Air Passenger Duty on long-haul flights.

The party will back plans to remove APD from flights longer than 2000 miles once tax powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament. The plans will ensure Scotland can go global and new flight paths can be developed to America, China and other global destinations.

The party also backs plans to freeze APD on short-haul flights to Europe.

Mr Greene commented: “APD is one of the new powers of the Scottish Parliament coming our way thanks to the proposals to strengthen devolution.”

“As we prepare for Brexit, it is more important than ever to use these powers to go global, so we can create new jobs, deliver more opportunities, and build a stronger economy.

“Abolishing APD for long-haul flights has the potential to do just that for Scotland.”

“That means instead of having to go via London or Amsterdam, families and businesses would be able to get on a plane in Edinburgh or Glasgow and fly direct to China or the USA, or other global destinations.”

“Airlines will be incentivised to put on new direct long-haul flights from Scotland. This will benefit Glasgow Airport and the surrounding Paisley, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde economies. It may also act as an incentive to encourage new long-haul routes to Prestwick Airport which have a boon on the local Ayrshire economy. Overall I think would be a positive move for the West of Scotland”