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Local MSP Makes Christmas Appeal to Largs

Local MSP Jamie Greene has praised the Morrison’s Christmas appeal in Largs this year.

Morrison's supermarket have made an appeal to the Largs community to donate a gift to an elderly person who will be spending Christmas alone.

No loos in Paisley train station are no laughing matter

West region Conservative MSP, Jamie Greene, has told local press that he has been contacted by numerous constituents across the region that the public toilet facilities at Paisley Gilmour street have been us of order for a lengthy period of time with no proper apology or word on when they would o

Local MSP welcomes by-election results in West Scotland

Jamie Greene, MSP for West Scotland region has welcomed the "Tory revival" in the West of Scotland citing the results of last week’s local council by-elections. In Irvine West the Conservatives increased their share of vote by 8.6%.

Scotland "sleepwalking" into Named Person scheme

Jamie Greene MSP, the Scottish Conservative MSP for the West of Scotland has said that the country is “sleepwalking into an unpopular policy” with the imminent Named Person scheme which is due to come into force in August of this year.

MSP welcomes Local Hero to the Scottish Parliament

On the occasion of the State Opening of the 5th Session of the Scottish Parliament by Her Majesty The Queen, Jamie Greene MSP was pleased to welcome Ms Suzanne Fernando, Cancer & Autism Activist and decorated Royal Military Police Veteran from Ardrossan to the Scottish Parliament. The local MSP nominated Ms Fernando as a “Local Hero” in recognition for her tireless efforts in charity across Ayrshire.

Jamie Greene MSP praises local businesses but warns of recession looming

Jamie Greene, Conservative MSP for West Scotland region, praised local businesses for their input to the Scottish economy in a recent speech to the Scottish Parliament. During a fiery debate on the Scottish economy, Mr Greene made mention of Arran Aromatics on the Isle of Arran, and Fergusson Marine in Port Glasgow as prime examples of thriving businesses which demonstrated that the Clyde coast had much to offer not just Scotland but the rest of the world.