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MSP welcomes Local Hero to the Scottish Parliament

On the occasion of the State Opening of the 5th Session of the Scottish Parliament by Her Majesty The Queen, Jamie Greene MSP was pleased to welcome Ms Suzanne Fernando, Cancer & Autism Activist and decorated Royal Military Police Veteran from Ardrossan to the Scottish Parliament. The local MSP nominated Ms Fernando as a “Local Hero” in recognition for her tireless efforts in charity across Ayrshire.

Jamie Greene MSP praises local businesses but warns of recession looming

Jamie Greene, Conservative MSP for West Scotland region, praised local businesses for their input to the Scottish economy in a recent speech to the Scottish Parliament. During a fiery debate on the Scottish economy, Mr Greene made mention of Arran Aromatics on the Isle of Arran, and Fergusson Marine in Port Glasgow as prime examples of thriving businesses which demonstrated that the Clyde coast had much to offer not just Scotland but the rest of the world.

Jamie's Reflections on the First Month in Office

It’s hard to imagine it has been just over a month or so since the Scottish Parliament election. In fact, it feels like there is an election every few months these days. The Indy debate, the General Election, Holyrood and now the EU. I thought I would share some observations from my first full month in office.

Jamie Greene MSP visits Largs Agricultural Show

Jamie Greene, local West Scotland regional MSP attended the Largs Agricultural Show in Inverkip on Saturday to show his support for the farming and rural communities. He met with the show organisers, visited the array of stalls and chatted with the many locals who turned up in good numbers, despite the threat of a spot of rain which forced many into the beer tent by the afternoon.

Thank You from Jamie Greene MSP

I would like to take this short opportunity to say a personal thank you to the people of North Ayrshire and Arran for their votes in the recent Scottish Parliament election. Indeed my thanks is also to the many across the West of Scotland who took part in our regional list ranking process. A democratic selection process which helped elect me to Holyrood as an MSP for the West Scotland region.

Jamie Greene is elected as MSP for West Scotland!

Jamie Greene is elected MSP for West Scotland region, coming second in Cunninghame North with a 10.9% increase in vote share.  In Cunninghame South, Billy McClure increased the Scottish Conservative vote by 6.9%.

Tory’s aim for second place in the Scottish election

Ruth Davidson unveiled the Scottish Conservative plan to ‘lead a strong opposition to the SNP’ as the party launched their manifesto in Glasgow last week, attended by local candidate for Cunninghame North, Jamie Greene.