Councillor Speaks out on loss of Citizens Advice on Arran

Arran Conservative Councillor, Timothy Billings, has asked how North Ayrshire Council will ensure that the people of Arran can continue to have access to a comprehensive one-to-one advice service, without having to travel to the mainland or rely on phone services. Timothy said that the result of the closure of the North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service (NACAS) for Arran is that there will no longer be an island-based advice service. People who find travel to the mainland difficult will no longer have access to one-to-one advice services. He said that he had been informed that many of the advice issues were not suitable for phone conversations.

Councillor Billings confirmed that he would be monitoring the effect of this closure and the alternative services being offered from the mainland by the Council and NACAS including competitive tenders for advice services issued by the Council.


Timothy Billings