Ferry Journeys Cancelled or Delayed

Recent data, uncovered by Jamie Greene MSP following a parliamentary question to the Scottish Parliament, has brought to light the extent of delays and cancellations on the Ardrossan-Arran ferry service. From the start of the year, there have been to date 34 cancellations and 73 delays on the ferry service, a fifth of the total journeys.

Although some of this can be attributed to the recent adverse weather, almost 20% of all scheduled sailings have been either delayed or cancelled. Reasons for delays include mechanical problems and navigational issues have all attributed significantly to delays and cancellations on the service.

Estimates suggest that approximately 160,000 passengers may have been affected by the delays and cancellations to the service.

Shadow Minister for Transport, and West of Scotland MSP, Jamie Greene has expressed his concern surrounding the extent of the situation and said that it the potential problems to communities on both shores was significant as the ferry represented a lifeline service.

Jamie Greene MSP commented:

“Having discovered the extent of the delays and cancellations to the Ardrossan-Arran ferry service, I must say, I am disappointed. As one of CalMac’s quickest growing routes it is clear that hundreds of thousands of people are relying on the service to transport them efficiently to and from the mainland.

Early into 2018, these reports are not encouraging. I appreciate that weather is an issue for us, but any delays or cancellations which are attributed to non-weather-related problems such as technical issues must be reduced.

“A number of constituents have contacted me in recent weeks to raise the issue which is why I dug deeper into the numbers. I have no doubt Calmac are doing their level best to increase punctuality and reliability and they will have my full support in doing so. I encourage anyone who has any issues regarding this to get in contact with me.”

Please email, Jamie.Greene.MSP@parliament.scot or call 0131 34 86139