Jamie Greene MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary

I am immensely proud, pleased and privileged to have been appointed to the new Shadow Cabinet. I will work closely with our interim leader Jackson Carlaw and support him in any way I can on the front benches in the Scottish Parliament.

It is undoubtedly a very difficult and divisive time in politics but what matters to most people is the government’s ability to deliver everyday public services. I will continue to hold the Scottish Government to account over their transport failings on rail, buses, ferries and the state of our roads.

My new additional responsibilities overseeing infrastructure and connectivity will ensure Scotland is presented a viable and ambitious plan to revolutionise the very structures and key projects that transform how we work, travel and access public services.

Additionally, I will hold the SNP to account over its own commitments on rolling out broadband using powers given to it by the UK government. Decent Ferries, affordable transport, decent roads, bridges and buildings and fast broadband. That’s what people deserve and that’s what I will ensure is delivered.

Jamie Greene MSP Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity.