Local MSP welcomes by-election results in West Scotland

Jamie Greene, MSP for West Scotland region has welcomed the "Tory revival" in the West of Scotland citing the results of last week’s local council by-elections. In Irvine West the Conservatives increased their share of vote by 8.6%. In Renfrew South and Gallowhill the vote share increased by 9.1%

He commented "After doubling the amount of MSPs in Holyrood and becoming the official opposition to the SNP, we have seen remarkable increases in our vote share in the recent by-elections. A Near 10% increase in wards which we previously wouldn’t have deemed to be our heartland is a warming and welcome result. It shows that the Labour vote continues on a path of reduction and that the tide is turning against the SNP. I think people are not afraid to vote Conservative in the West of Scotland, the fact that there are now 4 Conservative MSPs in this region says a lot about the shift in people’s attitude to centre right politics in Scotland."

He concluded " I am extremely proud of the work that our candidates Angela and Mark gave to the campaign. It is a springboard to next year’s local council elections and I am confident we will make great gains across Scotland"