MSP calls on SNP to “listen to all voices on Europe”

Jamie Greene MSP spoke in the Scottish Parliament last week in a debate on Scotland’s future post Brexit. In the 6 minute speech the West Region MSP pleaded with Scottish Brexit Minister, Mike Russell MSP, to ensure that all voices in Scotland will be heard when negotiating his potions with the UK government and with the EU on Brexit.

He told the Chamber "We are obliged, as democrats, to respect the outcome of our collective nations. A million Scots voted to leave the EU, and just as we have to respect the First Minister’s desire for independence, she needs to respect the views of those Scottish people who wanted to leave the EU. We are obliged to listen to the very real concerns that caused over one million people to vote Leave in Scotland. "

Aside from his warning he also focussed his speech on the potential opportunities for Scotland especially in farming, fisheries and forestry. Areas which are heavily influenced by EU legislation and complex payment schemes quotas and rules.

He took the example of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation who previously said that Brexit offered a once a lifetime opportunity to re-invent the Scottish fishing industry.

Similarly, he talked of the opportunity to re-invent the wheel when it came to how the farming sector is subsidised in Scotland. He said "For the first in a long time, albeit unwillingly for some, we have been presented an opportunity to break the endless cycle where a farmer’s inevitable loss is broken even with a subsidy. Inevitability is not good