New Factory in Dalry

Jamie Greene MSP Visits New Factory in Dalry

Jamie Greene MSP recently visited the newly opened Ratagon factory in Dalry to meet with local business owner and entrepreneur Jim Steel who had recently set up the business in North Ayrshire.

After applying for a grant to get his project off the ground Mr Steel invited Mr Greene to see his new business in action – the company manufacturers a unique product in that it is the world’s first painless rat trap and dispatch machine.

Jamie Greene MSP was delighted to see a new business set up in North Ayrshire and stressed that small and medium sized enterprises were key to driving the economy from the bottom up, creating jobs for the local community.


Jamie Greene MSP commented:

“Small businesses are the key to a prosperous economy; they create jobs for local people and help deliver growth across Scotland. That’s why it’s so important that we ensure that we have an environment that fosters innovation and helps these businesses get off the ground. These types pf companies are the life blood of the Scottish economy and I was privileged to see a new start-up in action.

“North Ayrshire’s economy has historically struggled in the wake of a large-scale manufacturing down turn in the area - so it is exciting and encouraging to see a new start-up business in Dalry.

“I was impressed by Ratagon and the innovative solution it has developed to address a serious problem of rodents. Many businesses currently rely on traditional, unpleasant and in many cases painful to the animal solutions to deal with pests, so this was a fascinating visit to see innovation in this field. I look forward to seeing Jim’s business grow as he takes on new staff and he is a welcome addition to the North Ayrshire business scene.”


Jim Steele, CEO of Ratagon commented:

“I was pleased to welcome my local MSP Jamie Greene to come and see the work we are doing at Ratagon.

“As we grow as a company I look forward to bringing on board new people which will not only help the local economy but provide jobs for people across North Ayrshire and beyond.

“Businesses have responsibilities beyond making a profit. That is why Ratagon has set itself the target of making the world greener by providing pest control that doesn’t rely on the need for toxic poisons.”