Reject North Ayrshire Tax Hike

Jamie Greene MSP Calls on Kenny Gibson to Reject North Ayrshire Tax Hike

Jamie called on the MSP for Cunninghame North Kenny Gibson to reject any attempts by the SNP Government to hike taxes on North Ayrshire families.

In a letter to local constituency MSP, Regional Member of the Scottish Parliament, Jamie outlined his concerns over the impact of the proposed changes to income tax levels on North Ayrshire families.

In the SNP’s recent draft budget their proposals included plans that would see an estimated 24,000 North Ayrshire residents paying more income tax than people south of the border. North Ayrshire Council would also see its funding potentially cut by over £5 million.

Jamie said that “it falls on the shoulders of elected representatives to stand up for public services and the well-being of local residents who are already under significant financial pressure after a decade-long economic slowdown.”

Jamie Greene MSP commented:

“The SNP’s plans to hike taxes on 24,000 North Ayrshire tax payers is completely unjustified and will put significant strain on families who are already struggling to get by. I am urging Kenny Gibson as a local MSP for this area to do the right thing and vote against these measures.

“These tax rises are nothing more than North Ayrshire being forced to bail out the First Minister after a decade of failing to grow the economy.

“MSPs should put aside party loyalties in the interests of the community they represent. That is why I am calling on Kenny Gibson to stand with me and the people of North Ayrshire and oppose Finance Secretary’s attempts to raid the pockets of our constituents.”