Response to Jamie Greene MSP’s Annual Report Survey

Jamie Greene MSP has revealed the results to his annual report survey, which was distributed in April.

Jamie asked constituents about what they believe the Scottish Government’s number of priority should be, if they are satisfied with local transport links, could they get a hospital appointment in a reasonable timeframe, are potholes an issue and whether they support or oppose a second independence referendum.

He said that he would send a copy of results to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in order to inform her of the attitudes in North Ayrshire towards the Scottish Government’s priorities.

Key Findings

•           99.41% of respondents said that potholes were a concern for them locally, compared to 0.58% who did not believe that they were an issue.

•           85.39% of respondents opposed the Scottish Government’s plans to hold a second referendum whilst 14.6% supported it.

•           59.64% felt they were able to get a hospital appointment in a reasonable time whilst 40.35% expressed the opposite view.

•           67.12% were satisfied with local transport services whilst 32.87% were not.


The Scottish Government’s priority

•           A significant number of respondents (35.50%) believe that the NHS should be the Scottish Government’s priority, clearing its nearest rival (Education), by nearly 23%.

•           The NHS, Education, Transport and Roads scored the highest and importantly, were all devolved issues.

•           82.95 of respondents wanted the Scottish Government to focus on devolved issues.


Jamie commented:

“The most significant findings from my survey were that potholes are a problem for 99% of respondents. That is very telling – out of the hundreds of responses I received nearly all of them expressed dissatisfaction with the state of North Ayrshire’s roads.

“Perhaps just as significantly, the responses showed that North Ayrshire folk are finding it harder and harder to get seen by a doctor in a reasonable amount of time. Our local health service has been mismanaged for a while and it’s clear from these results that people on the ground are not satisfied.

“It’s clear that the SNP government should be focusing on issues that affect people on the ground like our schools and hospitals. As my survey showed, it’s these issues that matter to them and not constitutional wrangling and endless threats of re-running a poll that has already taken place.

I’ll be sending these results to Nicola Sturgeon to make her aware of what is important to North Ayrshire and to tell her to get back to the day job!”