Cautious welcome on unemployment rate in Scotland

Scotland’s unemployment rate continues to be higher than the rest of Britain’s despite a fall over the past three months.

Figures released today show the rate north of the border was 5.2 per cent between April and June, higher than the UK level of 4.9 per cent.

Local MSP welcomes by-election results in West Scotland

Jamie Greene, MSP for West Scotland region has welcomed the "Tory revival" in the West of Scotland citing the results of last week’s local council by-elections. In Irvine West the Conservatives increased their share of vote by 8.6%.

MSP welcomes halt on Named Person

Education secretary John Swinney has confirmed the unlawful named person policy has been put on hold. In a letter to MSPs today, he said the Scottish Government "will not commence any provisions" within parts of the legislation.

Which Union is Labour supporting asks local MSP?

Scottish Labour have once again failed to rule out their support for a second referendum on Scottish independence according to Scottish Conservative MSP for West Scotland, Jamie Greene.

Just how fast is superfast?

The shadow spokesman for Connectivity, Technology and the Digital Economy in the Scottish Parliament has grilled Fergus Ewing MSP on so-called “high-speed broadband rollout”. Jamie Greene, the Member for West Scotland and who is also the Scottish Conservative spokesman on this issue, posed the question in a recent formal Parliamentary Committee in which Cabinet Minister Ewing, was hauled in to answer questions.