Jamie Greene is elected as MSP for West Scotland!

Jamie Greene is elected MSP for West Scotland region, coming second in Cunninghame North with a 10.9% increase in vote share.  In Cunninghame South, Billy McClure increased the Scottish Conservative vote by 6.9%.

Tory’s aim for second place in the Scottish election

Ruth Davidson unveiled the Scottish Conservative plan to ‘lead a strong opposition to the SNP’ as the party launched their manifesto in Glasgow last week, attended by local candidate for Cunninghame North, Jamie Greene.

Team Tory out in force across North Ayrshire

Activists from Ruth Davidson's Scottish Conservatives were out in force across North Ayrshire today with successful street stalls in Largs and Saltcoats, and leafleting in Stevenston!  Terrific response from voters concerned about a one-party Nationalist state and many people thinking on voting Scottish Conservative for the first time to make sure our team hold Nicola Sturgeon and her party to account, and oppose a second independence referendum.

Greene’s plan to tackle potholes after local survey results announced

Jamie Greene, local Conservative candidate for Cunninghame North has announced that his party will set aside £20 million a year for the next five years to tackle the growing pothole problem on Scotland’s road. Mr Greene and his local party delivered hundreds of local surveys across North Ayrshire and one of the primary problem local voters had on their list of gripes was the state of the roads.

Calls for further safety review of A78 stretch from local landowners

A number of local farmers and landowners who live along the stretch of A78 which recently saw another tragic accident have called for further review into safety measures. One such farmer contacted local Conservative parliamentary candidate, Jamie Greene ‘desperate for someone to listen’ according to the owner.

“No tax hikes in Scotland” candidate tells local voters

With the political campaigns for the Scottish Parliament officially underway, local Conservative candidate Jamie Greene released a message to voters in North Ayrshire telling them that he would "fight against any tax hikes for hard working tax payers in Scotland."