Conservative candidate responds to claims that Smith is not being delivered

Local SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson was quoted last week condemning the UK Treasury’s Fiscal Framework proposal saying that the UK government was still not keeping "The Vow" or following Smith Commission recommendations. Conservative candidate for Cunninghame North, Jamie Greene, hit back saying that Mr Gibson was "continuing the SNP anti-Tory , anti-Westminster narrative by telling voters that the UK government is not delivering on its promise. Well it is. "

No loo is no laughing matter!

Jamie Greene, Scottish Conservative candidate for Cunninghame North has blasted proposed council cuts being forced upon North Ayrshire council, including the recently announced closure of fourteen public toilets across the area.

Rise in alcohol and drug call outs for ambulance crews in Ayrshire

There was a significant rise in the amount of people under the influence of drink or drugs seeking ambulance assistance over the festive period in Ayrshire, latest figures have revealed.Statistics from a Freedom of Information request show a 72 per cent rise in ambulance crews attending to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs in North and South Ayrshire between 1 December and 4 January.

Ayrshire farmers still left without payments as audit probe is announced

Audit Scotland has announced it is to probe the Scottish Government’s failed £178 million IT system which has left farmers waiting for vital CAP payments. Rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead told farmers their CAP payments would be in their bank accounts by December, but as it stands only around a third have received them.

Greene responds to SNP criticism over Back to Work

Jamie Greene, local Conservative candidate has hit back at claims from Kenneth Gibson that the UK government’s plans to devolve more powers for the Back to Work scheme have “collapsed” according to Mr Gibson. The SNP MSP said that “The Tories want to be seen to devolve powers to Scotland whilst crippling our ability to make those powers work”.