SNP reigns over first 100 day “disaster government” according to local MSP

The SNP’s first 100 days of government since the May election have been described as "the worst of any Scottish Government yet".

Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Greene pointed to a number of failings since Nicola Sturgeon launched her minority administration on May 6.

The loss of a majority government, dwindling appetite for a second independence referendum and a much-touted summer campaign for separation which never materialised have all been highlighted.

He also pointed to a range of policy failings, with named person being ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court and a failure to implement minimum pricing for alcohol more than four years after the legislation was passed at Holyrood.

In addition, Mr Greene highlighted:

- The embarrassing resignation of deputy leader Stewart Hosie

- EU member states’ heads of government seemingly refusing to meet the First Minister following the Brexit vote

- Failure in drugs policy as a record number of deaths were reported this week

- A single police force in chaos

- Unemployment rates continuing to be above that of the rest of Britain

- Delays in completing the new Forth crossing

Jamie Greene MSP said "This is surely the worst first 100 days any Scottish Government has had since the creation of the parliament.

"There are next to no achievements, and an absolute litany of failures.

"The SNP has messed up policy, can’t sort out crucial agencies like the police, and its party structure continues to be shambolic.

"It ought to be a honeymoon period for this minority administration, but it’s been more like a holiday bust-up.

"People are increasingly fed up with a Scottish Government that’s intent only on breaking up Britain, and is ignoring the fundamentals of running the country in the process.

"I hope Nicola Sturgeon reflects on this disastrous century, and instead of posturing about things over which she has no control or authority, she buckles down and finally starts working to ensure that her record on the things for which she does have responsibility is much improved after the next 100 days.

"However, it’s surely clear to all now that until she gets over her single-minded obsession with independence, Scotland will continue to suffer."