Statement from North Ayrshire Conservative Group on the Formation of a Working Administration on North Ayrshire Council

"The Seven Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillors now form a pivotal group on the 33 Member North Ayrshire Council. Labour and the SNP have 11 Councillors each and cannot form a majority Administration (needs 17 Councillors) without support from the other Parties. As responsible Councillors we initiated informal discussions with both Labour and the SNP. 

With the aim of creating a stable and workable Administration, the Conservatives agreed that they would be willing to offer support to a Labour Administration in a rainbow coalition with the Independents. This offer was informally shared with Labour and also Elma Murray, Chief Executive. However it appears that this offer is not acceptable to Labour who apparently intend to form on their own Minority Administration. 

Given that the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillors successfully Campaigned on policies that included the one of "say no to a second Scottish Referendum" it would be difficult for us to support a SNP Administration. The SNP Group apparently have the same intention as the Labour Group to attempt to run the Council themselves.

It is the Conservative Councillors opinion that these Minority Administrations will potentially be unstable and are not the best option for the Council , which has its first Meeting on Wednesday 17th May. 

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillors, in order to offer stability to running the Council, are willing to help support sensible policies when proposed by either Labour or SNP."

Issued by Councillor Tom Marshall, Group Leader, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillor Group